Deadly pathogen threatens giant frog in Titicaca

El Diario reports:

Deadly pathogen threatens giant frog in Titicaca

The giant frog of Lake Titicaca is infected by an invasive pathogen, the fungus chytrid, which has spread among amphibians of different ecosystems of the world, causing them a deadly disease in their skin that causes a decreasing population.

According to the portal CienciaBolivia, scientists Patricia Burrowes and Ignacio De la Riva confirmed the existence of the fungus of amphibians in the sacred lake, identified as Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis also known as Bd that causes chytridiomycosis, a disease that affects the osmotic balance or the proportion of Salts and water in the body of the animal, preventing the respiration of the skin and causing death.

The microorganism spreads rapidly throughout the world and hundreds of species are already affected many of them in danger of extinction.

The self-appointed defender of mother nature, current president of Bolivia but primarily the head of the coca grower’s in Bolivia should do something about this! So far, all his energy  went primarily for his illegitimate permanence in power.

Under this lousy government, the Poopo Lake dried up, which was connected to the Titicaca Lake …. I just hope this egomaniac does something about this threat to our environment and wildlife!

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