Homestays and rural ways: Flora Baker savours Bolivia – in pictures

Flora Baker for The Guardian:


The food and colours of working life in the Andean foothills are captured in these images snapped while undertaking voluntary work.


I’m a travel writer from London who spent 18 months volunteering in South America. In Bolivia, I volunteered at a rural library project in the village of Morado K’asa, two hours from the constitutional capital Sucre, where traffic jams consist of cows instead of cars.


The family at my homestay in Morado spoke more Quechua (a Bolivian dialect) than Spanish, but we communicated through food instead. They insisted on feeding me huge amounts of meat, potato and boiled corn known here as mote, which is a staple in Bolivia.


The team running the library project, BiblioWorks, is based in Sucre, and the outdoor markets there are a perfect place to eat freshly fried fish, which is simply slapped on a paper plate and eaten with fingers.

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