Bolivian Independence 101: The Battle of Santa Barbara

From Jimmy Ortiz webpage, excerpts follow:

The Battle of Santa Barbara

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A bit of history: The Battle of Santa Barbara was the second battle for Santa Cruz independence, during the Republiqueta (1813-1816). In that period we fought together with the military and intellectual Manuel Belgrano and his Libertarian Second Army, which put the Colonel. Ignacio Warnes as governor of Santa Cruz, to help his cruceño brethren to get their freedom. Says our historian Paula Peña:

“After the battle of Florida, Warnes decided to move towards Chiquitos to defeat royalist Altolaguirre, which was supported by the natives of the old missions.

In August 1915, Warnes left Santa Cruz to Chiquitos, looking for royalist Udaeta, who had been in Santa Cruz, while Warnes was fighting in the Battle of Florida. The patriot army advances and finally both royal and his army are confronted.

The battle took place in a ranch called Santa Barbara, which is on the road to San Rafael to San Jose. It was a bloody battle that ended with the triumph of Warnes and the flight of the royalists to Brazil.

With this victory, Warnes, regained the province of Chiquitos to the patriot cause and guaranteed freedom in this territory “(

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