Indisputable truth: Crisis of leadership in the MAS

An Editorial from El Dia:

Crisis of leadership in the MAS

Screen Shot 2014-11-28 at 1.19.16 PMWhenever we talk about “leadership crisis” it is exemplified by MAS, which by some people, have created the leader with greater force in the history of Bolivia. Those who say that forget great leaders like Victor Paz, René Barrientos, Gualberto Villarroel, Hugo Banzer, Juan Lechín, Jaime Paz, to mention only some of those who excelled in the last hundred years. Unfortunately there are not many of them and  paradoxically, themselves were responsible for not allowing no one to blossom under their shadow, ie new leaders to assist the renovation and construction of a more democratic political model, away from despotism which concentrates power, centralizes decisions and the country remains bound to the will of a single individual. The “process of change” is going down that road and despite the great political flow that has accumulated, [the masismo] has failed to shore up new local, regional and sectoral leaders. Proof of this is the serious conflict that the MAS has to choose candidates for municipal and departmental elections, to be held on March 29, 2015. Very few of the MAS that now occupy positions in the mayors and governors offices, enjoy popular support to get re-elected and risk losing to candidates of the opposition. It is so serious  the leadership crisis within the MAS, that the last presidential order has been “put anyone, as long as we win.”

As this ochlocracy has little respect of the rest of society, they do not only continue to misuse funds and public official places, an example to illustrate them all:

In Santa Cruz, the facilities of YPFB have become the political gathering site for the MAS… located in the corner of the external ring and Barcelona street, at the Las Palmas neighborhood.

Those facilities do not only hold loud parties. which run every week, from Fridays to Sundays, until the sun comes at dawn, let alone the despicable noise of the music and drunken people.

Now, since the presidential elections had taken place, and now with the Governor’s and Municipal elections coming up, it has also become the official site where dozens of luxury cars occupy the vicinity, TV crews park along its sidewalk, and meetings go on an on, using the electricity, furniture and other assets funded with our taxes… it is despicable and highly questioned. It is a form of corruption.

Bolivia does no longer need caudillos, we need strong political parties who can offer sound public policies in accordance with the global reality. Enough with cheap demagogue, socialism does not work, even Galeano, a famous writer that has a book considered as the Latin-American socialists/populists “bible” … he recently said he was mistaken as he did not understand politics nor economics at the time of his writing and if he had the chance to go back, he would not write such book… need say more?!

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