Sanity at last in the Bolivian political spectrum

Manfredo Kempff writes in El Diario:

Finally sanity

Manfredo KempffBolivia is an unpredictable country because when it seems everything is sinking, that hopes are lost, that is when wisdom arises, the sense of homeland, and the sensation of falling stops. It is what has happened in the last hours with the formation of the coalition called the Democratic Unity (CUD), where has emerged the binomial Doria Medina-Suárez Sattori, as a way to stand up to the MAS, which ran without adversary to take government unconstitutionally for the third time.

Bolivians knew that going split to the polls, was suicidal. We knew that meant serving in a tray the power for MAS’ continuance. Now, at least, we are convinced that if HE [his excellency] will win, will no longer hold power to his free will; know that, at least, will face an Assembly where there will be war. The goal of the opposition has to be winning the election, of course. If not possible, because the ruling party has all the advantages, to avoid them get the two-thirds at the chambers.

Doria has not been a successful candidate in the last two elections, but has learned by blows and blows to better known his adversaries. He knows their methods and their absolute bad faith, so will not get surprised. Today he can not display a large electoral base, but that will grow every day, when people realize that not only HE was predestined to rule at will, abusively, but had been other more reliable choice. Ernesto Suarez will bring his own, especially in the East, and be as the soul of this new machine that will not stop his pace now. Experienced nationalist parties should be in the alliance. And Granado can still be part of the feat.

Ruben Costas has played, with political skill, the appropriate role. He became leader, he created a game, endured twenty trials, and now runs a political instrument that looks beyond our cathedral towers. He stepped to the side to seal the unit, but has been in the heat of battle as a support for the fight. The most detested enemy the masismo has, who always wanted to see in prison or in exile, today is the strong man of that resurgent opposition with courage to save what has not been destroyed yet.

The MAS is not quiet. Not liked to know that it will be stopped in their eastward invasion. Taking Santa Cruz again seems distant. Because some disenchanted cruceños already have an alternative. Skeptics reflect. They no longer need to shrink the magnificent stranger. The “percysmo” [in referrence to Santa Cruz mayor] can softly shake out of the pachacutista flatter and must align with those. It is the same in Beni, cradle of illustrious men, impregnable stronghold for HE See if in Pando turns around MAS despite the forced colonization. And hopefully what happens in Chuquisaca and Tarija. No, this has not liked the MAS.

The MAS says that Doria and Suarez do not have a government program. Others say it is not about to take HE out of the Palace. As for the latter, of course the main thing is to take the power out of HE’s willingness to remain, for being wasteful and a bad ruler. So out together to the Palace is fully justified. For the program, it is better to speak of principles: we must stop wasting gas revenues and our natural resources; invest in production and not spend millions to stay in power; ensure investment in education and health; will cut corruption and drug trafficking; temper the racial and regional differences that have hurt so much; and an important thing the next president should govern from the Palace and not engage in travels to inaugurate little play fields instead of industries. We must leave behind the years of little dances [bailecitos], confetti and garlands. It does not exist a president governing from helicopters, because to govern, they have to step on the floor.

No technical tomes are needed, that are not understand by the rulers themselves, but common sense is needed. Common sense means intelligence. There will be professional to develop an appropriate strategy for successful implementation of the billions of dollars being squandered. Stop spending bland is paramount because hard times are in the verge. Bolivia requires a period of austerity. The MAS suddenly found something they did not know would not ever dream of: money. Silver galore. And they unhinged. They believed that good government was to spend.

Many people have made ​​money over the years. There are people who have been enriched by the good economic times. But the poor are still there. They do not serve you at all the TV, or board a plane Falcon, or an armored car, or have access to official gargantuan dinners. What about the MAS then: was the “sweet charm of the bourgeoisie” that dazzled and swallowed them.

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