Eco fabric painting toys developed by Bolivian Fabiola Nunez

Alejandra Pau reports for Pagina Siete:

Eco fabric painting “Pintudos” toys

The potosina Fabiola Nuñez has created a brand of educational coloring items and are washable. Her audience is children from age two.

2014-06-07 09.52.24 amHer mother did not know what she was doing night after night. Something made her daughter Fabiola lose her sleep, a young psychology student. She had a recurring idea in her head. Wanted to make soft toys that can be colored. Thus arose Pintudos [Bolivian slang for good looking, sharp, elegant].

They are dolls, notebooks, aircraft, backpacks, handbags, backpacks and cases made of a white fabric in several designs, such as cars, ice cream, faces and others, with the particularity that on its surface can be painted and are washable.

The potosina Fabiola Nuñez, 21, is a young mother who has studied fashion design and is preparing her thesis for a degree in Psychology. It was precisely the subject of her research on learning toys, which led her to create a venture with just over Bs1,500 [of capital].

“It’s an educational item because the toys are for children to translate, somehow, the ideas through painting. Another purpose is to protect the environment. Pintudos are made of organic material obtained through the recycling of various elements”, explains Núñez.

With no clear idea yet, over a year ago she was encouraged to participate at the fair Mercadito POP.

Organic Essence

In those days saw a stuffed imported toy that could be colored, but they were very expensive. She thought then that the idea could be improved by adding the environmental care.

Santiago, her son nearly three years old, painted a car-shaped in one of the sheets of a coloring book that makes her mom. Beyond respecting margins lines or worry where the colors go, he likes to design his own, following his own rules.

Finding suitable recycled fabric for her target audience was not easy. She had to import it from Argentina and wait weeks for it to arrive. In addition, the filler included in some of the articles is composed of wool fibers.

While waiting for the fabric, made the designs, used the computer, pins and necklaces manufactured also with forms of dolls, from scraps of fabric and inspired by different eras of fashion, the animal world and several countries.

In October 2013 he was finally able to present the brand in the Mercadito POP the Pintudos brand, held in the city of Cochabamba. Items sold out in less than two days.

From idea to maternal support

The coloring books were the first products developed from the stitching to the final finish. The whole process rested on her shoulders, but always had the support of her mother, Maria Nuñez.

In all the bustle to specify the brand, Fabiola’s mother did not quite understand the idea of ​​the girl until she saw embodied in a case.

“I saw her poring, but we, along with my husband, did not get the idea. Was dawning, I was very intrigued, until I saw the finished books and dolls and I was pleasantly surprised,” she says.

Since then her mother’s help in finishing. Mrs. Mary appreciated her daughter, having a baby, make her thesis, study fashion design and also can gain their own business with what is starting to make some money.

Paint once and again

The books are aimed at children between two and a half years to 12. Accessories, depending on their size, expand their clientele to puberty and adolescence.

Retired kindergarten teacher Sonia Rodriguez recalls she bought one of the Pintudos books to give away and it seemed a great idea.

“What a child does with his own hands is very different than being given something prepared. I think it has a powerful intention that children translate what they want in the way they want.”

The surface of the Pintudos can be painted again and again as long as watercoloured colors are wetted before application. To remove them, the surface is cleaned with a damp cloth.

If instead you want the color to be written into the Pintudo should be colored with markers.

“For boys or girls is about personalizing a toy or doll. They can do as they like, I have found that knowing that is something that have developed in some way they want it and care more,” concludes the creator of Pintudos.

“It’s an educational article because the toys that children used to translate, somehow their ideas through painting.”

Fabiola Nunez. Entrepreneur

A young venture for kids

Contact. To learn more about Pintudos, you can join her Facebook page: and via email.

The shops. The Pintudos can be found at a space in Creativo IMA, 20 de Octubre avenue N°2475 (Abaroa Square) and in the store-workshop of Marion Macedo, Calle 10, Obrajes.

Cost. Prices for Pintudos are between Bs25 and Bs70. [exchange rate is one dollar to Bs6.96]

I salute and respect this young entrepreneurial mother and welcome her to The Hall of Bolivian Fame!

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