How current Bolivian gov defines, implements public policy

Carlos Toranzo writes in Pagina Siete:

Public policy: whims and caprices

Carlos ToranzoIf the President wishes an expensive plane, which seems to undermine his austerity spiel, the government decides to buy it so that he can travel with the comfort of Manchester United, with foreign crew and wasteful expenditure, which passes to the State’s account.

And if the austere desires he requires armored cars, moves a finger to his obsequious aides who hurriedly run and make that purchase with money from state coffers, justifying that the President may be a victim of any attack.

And if the great authority comes out of his teen soul footballer then hires former soccer world-cup players for little games to play across the country, paying travel and expenses with money from the state, and, moreover, claim that the number 10 shirt carried by the team player that made a goal to Brazil, and he grants the 10th with the smile that takes the big boss, because that’s the way to please the boss. And if he hits with his knees to the opponent, the referee only manages to expel the attacked to get along with the authority? Authority?

And so, the owner of the country sleeps easy knowing his team is still undefeated, despite the many games he played. But to continue playing happy, dedicated to planting of synthetic grass in many little courts across the country, forgetting health and education, because for him what counts are the openings and little soccer fields, which are made by relatives and obsequious government officials – what counts is that he keeps playing and winning his opponents, supported by former professional world-cup players, many of which are already national authorities.

Yes, that is way the President’s happiness resides in his home match in the little fields made ​​with Evo Delivers campaign, which is a cloudy black box, corruption, without the Comptroller ‘s looking at the expenses made in those cravings of the authority.

But as the process of change involves an ethical revolution as new political instrument should be simple, then additional cravings lie in a museum of Orinoca where monuments to the new Christ – Vicepresident said himself – will be built and stories been originated to explain, invent how the Messiah had been born in that geography.

And, of course, the museum murals, pictures of the enthronement in the power of the leader, with tiwanacu outfits or costumes of Incas invented expressly for the big boss were made , but made ​​by designers who export their garments to the imperialism. Vestments and ceremonies that do not match anything with the story of the history of our country.

But as his sportsman soul is wide, one of the last cravings is to bring the Dakar race to Bolivia , so he would receive the athletes and try to ride some bikes pulling out his best smile of teenagers memories. But as the fad is to internationalize, then the craving is brought, not a new Dakar, but the G77 + China Summit, for which money-of-the-state is put diligently to be not a master builder, he can not downgrade to that, but the works’ supervisor in Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz do business with lucrative contracts that do not pass through bids for the works, that are done for the quasi-big boss’ birthday.

And walk around the Santa Cruz leaderships who are showing the best smile for the great leader not to humiliate them for the works not being on time, because the habit of humiliating in public is another of his favorite sports leader, as can attest to the recently deposed Minister of Mines.

And the great leader, if he so wishes, even give hard cash as it did with peasant organizations, which are his staunchest defenders. If he wants to give away what he pleases to the COB [workers’ union], for it to be co-opted to support the regime.

And another time, he seemed to give everything to the mining cooperatives, who became part of his defense militias. But the whims and caprices lie in continuing to give all to coca growers, build airports for the Chapare is the new white city and export drugs shamelessly. If he craves, he puts them factories around for him to inaugurate, regardless of whether or not the machinery given away does operate.

Thus, this process of change brought us this accumulation of austerities, whims and fancies of the great leader, which have become major official policies.

Carlos Toranzo Roca is an economist.

Bolivia needs to stop supporting this delusional ochlocrat, we must vote him out in the coming elections!

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