Bolivia History 101: The battle of La Tablada, Tarija

Yesterday April 15, 2014, was the anniversary of Tarija, 197 years from an epic battle for its independence. El Diario reports:

Battle of La Tablada

2014-04-15 01.28.51 pmThe Battle of La Tablada de Tolomosa took place on April 15, 1817 near the city of Tarija.

In this battle, [Spanish] royal forces under Colonel Mateo Ramirez clashed with independence forces of the Northern Army commanded by Gregorio Araoz de Lamadrid from Tucuman [Argentina], as part of the Expedition Araoz de Lamadrid to Upper-Peru [what is now Bolivia].

Guerilla fighters from the Republiqueta [word derived from Republic at the time of freeing portions of territory during our independence] Tarija, helped to make the royal forces to surrender by besieging Tarija city.

The surrender of the Royalists in Tarija, meant for the Northern Army to capture 20 officers (including Ramirez, Santa Cruz and another lieutenant colonel) and 274 soldiers, 400 guns being taken, 10 pairs of pistols, 20 sabers, 247 spears, 5 boxes of war, abundant ammunition, armory utensils, food, and having also many Alto-Peru [Upper-Peru] people joining the Army. They were later found another 50 rifles.

The total cost of Tarija attack was 2 killed and between 5 and 7 wounded .

Araoz de Lamadrid sent a message to Manuel Belgrano informing and alerting him of the victory and that would send prisoners using the route of the Chaco Salta path, escorted by a company of 50 militiamen from Tucuman under Captain Carrasco who had led the division, which occurred two days later.

I like very much Tarija wine, their humor and easy-going attitude, my father-in-law was from Tarija. It is worth noting that Tarija at the time of the independence, were the ones, who voluntarily decided to be Bolivian rather than Argentinian!

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  1. I like Tarija too. My father was a tarijeño. Some streets in Argentine cities are named after Lamadrid but here in Bolivia
    as far as I know only in Tarija exists a street with that name.

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