Bolivian Justice or ‘the boomerang syndrome’

Renzo Abruzzese writes in El Deber:

Justice or ‘the boomerang syndrome’

Renzo AbruzzesePresident Evo Morales has publicly stated that reforming the judiciary did not produce the results expected and nothing helped bring professionals with skirt [pollera is a typical clothing for the indigenous highlands and valleys women] and hat, with reference to their ethnic composition. The statement shows at least three items worth mentioning: first, that his words are a tacit admission of the failure of the reform carried out by the regime, and second, a deft handling of the failure to transform it into a ballot measure (remember that a good electoral bid is one that proposes solutions to unmet highly sensitive social demands) and, third, that the situation of the judiciary has reached bottom.

While these problems are of long-standing, the fact remains that this situation had never happened before. Mediocre officials were corrupt and upright since the founding of the Republic in the high, medium and low operating levels of the state of this instance. Still, the current situation exceeded the limits, the question is: why now and not before? First, because the government officials were not put there to administer justice, [they were] political operatives put in charge of assisting the process of criminalization of politics, to imprison or neutralize any leader or a given ‘focus’ opponent. And second, because the law works in the framework of the democratic institutions, it was certainly the first thing that they  razed.

For some time, all governments openly or covertly controlled administration of justice, what distinguishes the current situation is that this perverse manipulation before occurred in the frameworks of democratic institutions, which, nevertheless, imposed limits and punishments. Today, with a pulverized institutionalization, operate in a vacuum and at the expense of a higher instruction [command]. The trouble is that the situation is doomed to repeat itself because any attempt to restore the rule of law would end up stripping the judiciary and there are many things that can not be seen. The reform imposed the most rude way, has become a boomerang dangerously whose rout points to their own rifle men.

Another clear proof of existing ruling ochlocracy!

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