Bolivian great webpage provides health advice for free to the world!

From time to time I have the pleasure to present great Bolivian websites to the world! This time is in a very need field: health!

2013-05-28 08.10.20 amThe is well done, has reached hundreds of people, here some excerpts from its website and an Spanish article from Pagina Siete:

2013-05-28 08.10.36 am

Their Mission and Vision are: Mission:

“Use the most important tool of communication in our days – Internet –
to provide information with scientific basis on various aspects
of human health, thus achieving integral care for patients and health professionals”. Vision:

“Being the most complete online magazine of health in the Internet, becoming the best and main source of quality information in health worldwide view”.

They offer these type of advice on a wide diverse topics like:

2013-05-28 08.11.15 am

2013-05-28 08.14.30 am

The list of full Team can be found by clicking here:

2013-05-28 11.55.05 am

The following excerpts are from the original Spanish article and can be found here.

Alejandra Pau writes for Pagina Siete:

“We save the life of a girl in Mexico. A doctor prescribed a few drops, her mother wrote to us in doubt that the indications seemed rare. We told her to not implement them and to consult with other professional because the drops were for the hearing. This ophthalmologist told her that if her daughter applied them, the girl was going to be blind”, features the doctor Roberto Carlos Anzardo, creator of an original web of free medical consultations in Bolivia.

The address is, a web site created by a Bolivian doctor in 2009 that offers free consultations to people from 88 countries carrying out questions about their health problems online. Portal received some 600,000 visits only in 2012.

It is not, however, a traditional medical consultation, since no member of the team of 12 volunteer specialists – Bolivia, Argentina, United States, Mexico and Spain – prescribe medication or recommend the name of a health professional in any country where questions come from, which takes no more than 24 hours to be answered. is available in Spanish and English. The three countries that most visit the page are Argentina, Spain and Mexico. Bolivia is in eighth place.

I welcome medicoensudomicilio to The Hall of Bolivian Fame

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