Current Bolivian gov encourages confrontation in the streets as a way to perpetuate in power!

Carlos Cordero Carraffa’s wonderful writing in El Deber:

Life gives us surprises

Carlos CorderoThe conflict that runs through May on the subject of pension and a dignified retirement demand for everyone, is the foretaste of what will be the 2014 election stage and drama of a country confronted with the dilemma of choosing between the presidential candidate and someone from the political opposition.

The call to rural unions, so they temporarily leave their profitable plots free from all types of taxes, would mobilize and defend both the incipient plurinational State and President Morales, is a demonstration of the political reserve that has the MAS to deal with the upcoming elections. The diverse social sectors who marched through streets, blocked crossroads and roads of the country by three tense weeks, constitute the political expression of the new middle classes, urban, employed, disillusioned with the party and the Government team [P &VP].

The call by the government to related agricultural unions was described by sensible observers as irresponsible, because it contained the risk of a violent confrontation between Bolivians. This voice of alert and orders for pacification, was inspired by the sad memories of deaths that were never clarified and protests which ended in beatings or tragedies like.

Amidst the sound of firecrackers, while civil society showed the teeth and threw insults to the custodians of the Palace, was signed with pageantry and splendid smiles of triumphant Ministers the law enabling the President and the Vice President as candidates in the upcoming elections. The political society took brilliantly the roll of drums to make the final adjustments to the rules of the game that might facilitate the desired reproduction of power, because the ruling party has everything except political time. While they uncork the champagne and lift the glasses, ‘someone breaks the chain of command’ to give orders and sign agreements, now, with old and new classes that paralyzed several cities and institutions in the country.

Citizens in the streets, the ones that demand and the other defenders, are not but side actors of the main drama, the Prince who is willing to sell his soul to the devil in order to satiate his community of power. The last act of the eternal drama of the complaint by the power will be elections. The end seems announced, but life gives us surprises, as the devil doesn’t sleep and don’t know who he works for.

Political scientist

Sad and frustrating Bolivian reality, nevertheless today is a Bolivian holiday! It is Mother’s Day as we wanted to honor the women who fought during our independence war in La Coronilla, Cochabamba and also to honor our hero Juana Azurduy de Padilla. Congrats to ALL our moms wherever they may be, you will always be in our hearts, until we meet again!!

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