The millionaire legacy of a coca grower who promoted blockades in Bolivia…

Current transient president of Bolivia, yesterday had to acknowledge to the world (CNN interview) that he blockaded 30… not 40 days… and that is only one time! What a legacy, what an example! Millions of dollars lost, thousands of people hurt in their finances, hundreds of company bankrupts but he managed to misled the population and became president… now he intends to run for the third illegal time… as ruled in the constitution he approved… despite public appearances where he promised he wasn’t going to run for a third time… what an example!

His allies of yesterday, now are also blockading Bolivia, his many demagogue offers resulted in blockades and strikes over the last seven years who had the misfortune to have him as president, I don’t even like to write his name, for his done serious damage to my Bolivia, to the country I love!

The following article depicts the seriousness of his wrongdoings, from El Deber:


IBCE points out that Bolivia lost $10 million dollars for each day of the strike

IBCEIBCE expressed concern about the social conflict that is confronting the country. They warned that Bolivia runs the risk of losing important markets, which may be difficult to recover them.

The general manager of the Bolivian Institute for Foreign Trade (IBCE), Gary Rodríguez, reported that Bolivia lost daily $10 million dollars, product of a freeze on imports and exports as a result of demonstrations and blockades by the workers affiliated to the Union of Bolivian Workers [Central Obrera Boliviana, COB], in demand for an amendment of the pension law.

“Bolivia suffers a general affectation, blockades are not only detrimental to the export sector, but also to the importer. The impact of the losses, only in the export sector, are calculated as of $6 million. We will have to add another as regards the import, we believe to be $4 million; a total per day, where Bolivia loses $10 million,” Rodriguez said.

On the other hand, the general manager of the IBCE stressed that not only demonstrations affect the generation of foreign currency for the national economy, but greatly hurt the country’s image. He warned that Bolivia is at risk of losing important markets, which cost much effort to obtain them, if the Government does not show that it has the ability to solve internal conflicts.

“With blockades, Bolivia shows itself to the world as a country of conflict, shows that the Government is not having the capacity to resolve their differences through dialogue. “In the field of foreign trade there is a word that is a key called reliability, to the extent that cannot be secured or demonstrated that we are a good provider, there will always be someone else who can occupy the space we can leave”, warned.

This Thursday Bolivia meets 11 days mired in a conflict that was generated by the request for modification of the pension law approved by the Government. The workers, at the head of the COB, reject the standard and require revision; in this desire they come making demonstrations, marches and blockades in different routes in the country.

EL DEBER-Digital

Great legacy… huh?

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