Current Bolivian president’s legacy…

An exceptional analysis by Franklin E. Alcaraz Del C. in El Dia:

Evo’s Legacy

Franklin AlcarazWhen Evo is gone, because one day he will go, he will leave a country that has tried almost everything. Will leave, in spite of him surely, a country divided like never before. Divided racially, politically and, what is worse, consciously. If his movement is now seeking to convince that is autonomist without being so, is brewing, by rebound, a new force, still to be capitalized by someone smart, for the federalism of Bolivia.

When he created his wiphala [multicolored square flag attributed to the indigenous people, while some say it came from the medieval times from Europe, indigenous “technology” was unable to weave, knit colors in such a way, only parallel stripes were possible in their looms], he is giving much impetus to the red, yellow and green, which is a symbol of unity. In the next new Constitution, probably the wiphala stays as a symbol of the indigenous peoples who want to adopt it. What has your name, streets and fields for football, soccer, etc., will change name. Having arranged how mandatory native languages should be, he gave effect to the Spanish language by inertia and without any legal provisions, is the language that unites us. Bad that despite you, sooner or later, all Bolivians will first speak English than any other language. And the next Government, if he is smart, will leave the native languages in the place where they speak, without forcing anyone to learn them. With cultural stimuli, or other, perhaps to prevent their disappearance. An intelligent decision would be to establish English as a second language.

With a political arrangement, wants to show the country as multipluri, as a predominantly indigenous country, Indian-American (“then we are not multipuris, says my godfather Choque). The future will show us as we are: a country primarily mestizo, Latin American.

In this regime, somehow the regionalisms; have been exacerbated and to the recalcitrant, what happened, came to the point, so that they take advantage to increase fuel to the fire. However there is the good and intelligent good Bolivian that will first support country than region. The future Government will be born of the counter-proposal from the present, because of the tiredness of both confrontation, warns regionalism and division. The new political force will be vision unit. It will be a little harder to imbue the new 21st century Bolivian pride. Start by being proud of their rulers, of the whole country; the Orientals proud of the Westerners, those of the South to the North and vice-versa. Why not, can a Santa Cruz person be proud of the salt plains of Uyuni, for example? Why not can an Orureno be proud of Santa Cruz oil or the Beni Amazon? Why not can a Pandino be proud of the Tarija wine?

The new successful politician, collecting seeds left unconsciously by the current, will lay the foundations of the new system that we all look forward to. The real change. The change towards progress, with true freedom of press and expression. We have to let everyone express, including the remains of the masismo. There will be a strong private sector, generator of jobs and technology towards industrial advancement.

The new Government will have to stop lying about that “coca is not cocaine” and will have to fight drug trafficking in a resolute and firm manner. It will cost him to also design, develop and implement a policy of public safety given current indicators and trends of crime.

The new Government has to be intelligent, cultured, but mostly fair. It will cost him to make that the powers of the State are truly independent. It will cost him to also return to meritocracy instead of the current “sindicatocracia” (unionstocracy if such a word exists). It will cost him to privilege ignorance awareness and capacity on the political “merits”, but those are the steps necessary to make Bolivia a country of truth.

In other words, honesty, a flag, an anthem, a territory, a language… a Bolivian. The future look encouraging. (Any resemblance to real life, is just a coincidence)

[1] Franklin E. Alcaraz Del C., is a doctor and researcher

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