Could an impeachment be a solution to Bolivia’s problem?

Humberto Vacaflor made an excellent analysis of current Bolivian political situation, published by El Deber:

Impeachment solution

This time it seems urgent creation of a Ministry of coherence. The miner who died last week was the victim of the mistakes of the Government in the treatment of the mining issue.

Minister Mario Virreira, mining, admitted that Supreme Decree 1337 by which the President himself, in Colquiri, believing [he was some sort of] Solomon, provided that the deposit was divided in two, was wrong. What the Minister missed to say is that the death of Hector Choque, of 31 years, is due to this error.

The explanation of the Minister is that the company Glencore refused to deliver accurate information, which would have allowed to develop a decree that wasn’t wrong and that does not cause deaths.

The company’s executives, who have now decided to start a trial to the Bolivian State in international tribunals, had been warning that the Colquiri situation was delicate, almost explosive. And that it was not convenient to move the sands of the place.

There lived a foreign company preparing an intensive exploitation plan which would have accelerated the extraction of wealth, which now Comibol estimated at a value of $5.3 billion dollars.

The Government officials responded no, that the Government knows what to do and, above all, knows how to ‘manage’ social organizations. Some way to handle social organizations, that this Government has. They could, at least, remove the dynamite that marches take along with them, marches that must be made to solve the problems created by the Government itself.

Past the problem, buried the young Miner, the Government now says that Colquiri “can not be nationalized completely”. Said it by President Morales, who at the time of the death of the miner was in a party [mood], proclaiming his candidate [for Governor] in Beni, as if you doesn’t know that the Bolivian people pays him to govern for all and not to continue to be candidate.

How/what will he do to avoid nationalizing all the deposit, if the Trade Union, the Federation and the COB have requested it, threatening even to demand a referendum [impeachment] if they are not attended [in their demand]?

And now comes another problem. The Government is committing to the Andean Community of Nations to have a severe policy to put an end to ‘illegal mining’. While [marchers] in El Prado de La Paz, resulted in the mining battle, caused by DS 1337, a Government delegate was attending the meeting of CAN to put an end to ‘illegal mining ‘, namely the majority of cooperatives.

In short, having created the problem that ended in tragedy, the Government is preparing another reason for conflict in the mines. It must be admitted that regarding the creation of entanglements the Government is much better than in the effort to resolve them. It is more imaginative.

In a few hours has challenged, again, to employees and also to the cooperative [miners]. Although, the government, is preparing a law so they [protesters] can not carry dynamite in marches that will be made due to these new provocations. Perhaps the solution relies in the idea of the COB, to convene an impeachment.

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