Major Bolivian Union (COB) calls for a strike, today!

Bolivians seem not to understand that there are other mechanism for negotiation and dialogue… This government continues to lead, through history, with the government with more strikes and blockades in Bolivian history.

Bad public policies, lack of enforcing private property rights, and some ‘allies’ to current political party in power use road blockades and strikes which are damaging measures for our overall economy. Well over into the 21st century and we still not come to our senses and improve our lives.

From Pagina Siete:

COB announces general strike for Friday 14th

SUPPORT this measure was taken over in support to miners who receive their salaries from state-owned mines, who are competing with miners under cooperatives for the Rosario site in Colquiri mine, La Paz.

The expanded national meeting carried out today [Sep 11] by the Central Obrera Boliviana (COB) announced that it convenes to a 24-hour strike for Friday September 14 in support to miners who work for the State, of the Colquiri mine, in La Paz, according to Freddy Sanchez, Secretary of the Trade Union Federation of miners Bolivia workers (FSTMB), as informed to

“By consensus, was decided to make an strike with demonstrations for Friday in all Bolivia, calling for the reversal of all the Colquiri mine to the State.” “If the Government does not meet this request, the following week, [we will] take other measures according to what it may be,” said Sanchez.

“Strike is general and not only the mining sector but all sectors affiliated to the COB,” he stressed.

At the same meeting, the COB was determined to ask the Government to approve a short law to prevent mine take overs. “Currently, the control of the mine is in charge of the Trade Union of workers and the State-owned company.” All entry levels to the mine are mined [with dynamite] and if the cooperative miners want to enter. We are firm in our position of reverting [the control of the] mine. “Invite cooperative miners to pass to the wage sector, so that they have health insurance of old age and compensation”, said Sanchez.

The use of explosives to prevent cooperative miners to enter the mine is outrageous; to call to a stop on violent takeovers is hypocritical, as miners did the same. Just we don’t forget, same type of miners clashed in the earlier days of this government, dying 16 people on those confrontations and current VP offered the coffins… just that. The MAS needed the support of the miners to seek power, so they invited both mining groups as their allies… well, conflict continues and current government fails to enforce the law.

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