UPDATE on Bolivian Senator Roger Pinto’s right for political asylum! Sep/2012

This is an update on Senator’s Roger Pinto whereabouts:

Pagina Siete reports:

Government does not extend laissez-passer

Pinto complies 100 days isolated and two vigils were installed

Last night [9/3/12] ACTS, a vigil was held in plaza Bolivia and another in the Legislative Assembly.

The Senator by national convergence (CN) Roger Pinto has reached 100 days asylum in the Embassy of Brazil, waiting for a safe-conduct allowing him to leave the country. Last night, relatives and party colleagues installed two vigils in the Bolivia square and in the Legislative Assembly.

The mother of the Senator, Enelia Pinto, arrived yesterday to La Paz to see his son after he remained a hundred days isolated. “The last time I saw him was on mother’s day,” she said hopeful that soon he would be out of the Embassy.

On May 28, Pinto requested political asylum alleging that his life was in danger and that he was suffering political persecution after 20 processes that were started against him. Brazil granted [political] asylum, but the Bolivian Government did not issue the safe-conduct allowing him to leave the country.

Denise Pinto, the youngest daughter of the Senator, said last night that her grandmother traveled to Brazil after the accession of his father to the Embassy. “Social organizations related to the Government of the MAS have threatened to take and burn the house and its occupants”, stated.

Until the past week, Senator occupied two rooms in front of the Arce Avenue, but then was transferred. “The new space found on the rear of the Embassy on the first floor.” “He receives visits from friends and a daughter every day”.

Around thirty people gathered at the Bolivia square, a few steps from the Embassy, lit candles and led prayers to “soften the heart of the President (Evo Morales) to allow the safe-conduct”, as said by Roger’s mother.

A second vigil was installed by CN members in the Lower House, although the Presidency, headed by the MAS denied the permission. Deputy Tomas Monasterios lamented this attitude and reported that there were fighting intentions with members of the ruling party.

However, the Government ensures that they denied the safe-conduct because Pinto “is accused of ordinary crimes”, not political.


So, what can I say or you think? Do it wisely otherwise current Bolivian government may use it against you… whereas that is legal, ethical or not… it is just the way Bolivian citizens have to endure their lives, these days…

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