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Bolivian presidential doubts…

A fine article written by Humberto Vacaflor G. and published in HoyBolivia.com:

President Evo Morales speaks in public every day, more than once, but hates journalism. Like that, there are other conflicting attitudes of his excellency that should concern everyone, because supposedly he rules for everyone, not just for the coca growers.

On Monday he met opposition parties but then he told them that he didn’t call them. And he rejected the presence of journalism because “this is not a show”. That is, he lives in permanent show, and he doesn’t like the “show”.

In one of his speeches of the weekend, all of them covered with care by the hated journalism, he asked a question which reveals what he thinks about the raw materials and the economy: “What to do?” Who will sell the gas? “What would Bolivia do if we have no markets, if Argentina and Brazil have mega-camps?”

Perhaps we have to inform him about the clamor that gas should be for Bolivians, because then Government wanted to export it to United States through Chile, and the country was lifted against it in 2003.

And also we should inform him that at the moment the internal demand for natural gas is unattended because his Government has given priority to exports.

It would be good to tell him that the Jindal company has decided to leave the country – as it clearly shows by what they are doing – because there is not enough gas for the steel project.

To sum it up, we would have to tell the President that we do not need to worry because of missing external markets for gas, because if domestic demand could be addressed the country would change: there would be no energy deficit, the Bolivians would not have to walk with the grotesque gas tanks/containers because they would have gas in their homes (gas which could not be smuggled outside) and the country would change so much that there could be the development of all potentialities. And there is no need to export gas.

Is there not somebody, close to the President, who can given that elementary explanation to have him stop worrying about the lack of export markets for the gas?

We know that he is only interested in coca, but he should have to know something about other topics.


[let us not forget that while there is little if any exploration, and we would either export or use it internally, we are at the time using our reserves, and we are not replacing them, so in 15 years we will have nothing to export or use internally, and that is something worth considering]