Coca production benefits…

Coca and cocaine production revenues benefits a few of the of the ruling government and much less the former “allies” of the social movements and workers who supported current president at the time of the overthrown of previous presidents. Much of those former allies took part in strikes and blockades who made this government successful in terms of eliminating the opposition.

In this cartoon the leader of the major worker’s union says “coca production benefits only the coca growers and the ‘others’! and to us and the country, nothing!!” An old leader of the teacher’s association says “even less for the teachers!!” and a member of the CIDOB (the eastern indigenous association of Bolivia) says “…and they didn’t even pay taxes!”

El Diario, January 16, 2012.

While that is going on, Bolivia has left the UN organization as we failed to reduce the coca chewing; this government and the coca growers insist that a majority of the Bolivian chew it traditionally and they see this as their own alternative to appear legitimate. Narcotraffick has brought violence and crime that remains unpunished and Bolivian society moral and ethics is permeated by corruption and negligence. In sum, a president of the coca growers who is forced by his constituents to continue to push to cut in half the TIPNIS, appears to have little control of his own creation…

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