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Energy industry led by Apple may abandon lithium and in Bolivia we are still digressing…

Pagina Siete made public Apple company’s emerging technology which may take all our hopes away…

The manufacturer of Apple tablets announces it will patent two batteries/stacks of fuel for their products, jeopardizing the development of the lithium market; However, the Government said that the theme does not worry them and progress will be made in the industrialization.

Last week, Juan Carlos Zuleta, analyst of the lithium economy, stated in a column in this newspaper that Apple announced the application for approval of two patents of stacks of fuel that could radically change prospects for demand for lithium in the coming years.

The note points out that with the first patent, Apple will have a battery of fuel in their latest iPhones, iPad tablets and laptops to extend the duration of the energy that fuels them even for more weeks.

The second patent, Apple would introduce is a hybrid design consisting of the use of a fuel with a battery cell so that the first can continually recharge the second.

“This invention would lead to a full replacement of the lithium-ion batteries currently used in such electronic devices,” says Zuleta.

In both cases, the more predictable result will be a decrease in the demand for lithium in the following years.


Last century, the civic committee of Potosi stopped foreign capital investment, now our “technological” pride and government’s “stubbornness and blindness” may take away this important potential source of income to this deprived economy. In real life, diplomacy and in business, there are no friends, just interests. So, Bolivia should seek an alliance with Apple or another leader in the world economy/market.

Bolivian government: please abandon the examples of Venezuela and/or Cuba, they failed!! Look at the Chinese, be pragmatical!!!