Relentless coca… cocaine production???

These two  cartoons portray the way coca crop and its “processed products” have an impact on our lives…

This is from El Dia (11/24/11), and it also relates to the TIPNIS struggle for survival: the defeated (no road through TIPNIS) powerful coca-grower/intercultural person (new “marketing” sociological name to brand some of the supporters of this government) who support the government (in reality they are the same thing, rather the human force behind the power); are trying to get inside the TIPNIS and others (Carrasco, Chore, and others), one way/route or the other…

This is also from El Dia (11/29/11) it shows a coca harvester who is picking up the Chapare produce while he is consuming (chewing) the coca leafs produced in Los Yungas. It is no secret that the coca grown outside Los Yungas have no market for the “traditional” use of chewing. The question is why so much interest in a product that has no “traditional” use?… where does it go this ever increasing production? Is it because it is the source for the government’s relentless insistence in cutting the TIPNIS by half?

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