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Diving world record in Titicaca accomplished!!

On November 12, I posted a news regarding the Italian initiative to dive at high altitude: https://bolivianthoughts.wordpress.com/2011/11/12/diving-in-the-highest-lake-of-the-world/

Today, Pagina Siete (Pablo Peralta) reports: The team dived 101 meters deep at Lake Titicaca.

FACT: In one of the dives near the Isla del Sol team rescued three archaeological artifacts (two noggins and a third element), which were handed to the Bolivian Navy; the Ministry of Culture will .

A team of Italian divers yesterday managed to break the world record for immersion in high altitude, they went down 101 meters in the Lake Titicaca. Besides that, near the Isla del Sol managed to rescue from the depths of three archaeological objects.

“I am excited because this is the first time it is achieved at this point, this depth. It’s been a very dangerous dive, but everything has gone well with all of us, the water was calm as there was no wind, “said Gaetano Aiello, head of the technical-scientific expedition Titicaca 2011, on the phone from Copacabana.

“I think this is an individual initiative of some passionate diving people, which in the end is achieving important results,” said Luigi De Chiara, Italian ambassador to Bolivia, who explained that the current record for diving at high altitude was established in 2009 in a lake in Italy, at 2,800 meters above sea level. [3,812 in our beautiful lake]

For his part, Ambassador De Chiara explained that the objectives of the mission were: a program of collaboration with the Bolivian Army, with the corps of divers that are located at the base of Tiquina in Lake Titicaca, who were given a refresher course; in addition to data collection in order to investigate the risks, limitations and potential for diving at high altitude.

“We achieved all objectives. We recovered three archaeological sites, we have gathered scientific data with Italian doctors, we have, finally, achieved the greatest depth at this point, “said expedition leader.

If you want to read the full Spanish article, please see link below (has a picture of the divers):