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Blame the infiltrates… says current president

“They were the infiltrates” is Humberto Vacaflor’s article in El Deber today [inside brackets like this go some clarifications and my opinion]:

President Evo Morales has just revealed the deeper truth about their government: the infiltrates are guilty of everything.

This was the explanation that the Bolivians were waiting, because they could not understand how all these contradictions occur without having someone planning them on purpose.

Although the president was referring only to the lack of foresight that led to the current deficit in the electrical system, the explanation can cover everything.
On the subject of energy generation, power [electricity] the president said that in addition to the infiltrators, it should be noted that companies began to operate without calculating that they would cause an excess demand [of electricity]. Really, what lack of foresight of these entrepreneurs. It’s another way of undermining the prestige of the Government.[note the fine irony]

But they are the worst enemy infiltrators. The president has asked the public to help identify all these traitors who want to provoke the failure of the ‘change process’. [current president and his political party have based their discourse of the process of change; that is everything before them was wrong and therefore “their” change is what needs to be done, regardless anyone else’s opinion]

The word infiltrate is misleading. In a literal sense, we all are, because we are somehow an effect of infiltration.

The president was referring to the enemies of change that have been introduced [by themselves or obscure enemies] in the structures of government with the purpose of causing injury.

It is the duty of every citizen, therefore, to help identify the infiltrators. We should begin by discovering who is the rogue who told the president that he must act, every day, as if he were still a candidate [running for office], even when he won the election.

Maybe it’s the same person who said to him, that governing means he has to hate some Bolivians and certain regions of the country.

Those who are infiltrating are the ones (Assembly/congressmen) who since 2006 until now do not write the laws of investment, oil and mining.

It is an infiltrate, the person who makes the president believe that if there was an increase in the net international reserves of the Central Bank of Bolivia is by merit of the Government.

They are infiltrators those who make the president believe that the only economic activity is the cultivation of coca and that all others are suspicious.
I hope to continue these contributions.