TIPNIS as the major headache of current Bolivian government

This cartoon is from La Prensa (10/15/11), it illustrates the frustration, desperation and belligerence of current government, regarding the rightful and legal claim of the TIPNIS population.

Here, you can see a tunnel to La Paz, and the government saying “My last attempt, few days for their arrival”

The legal advisor for APG (Guarani People Association) and for the vice-presidency of CIDOB (Bolivian Confederation of Indigenous People), Alejandro Romero, has filed a claim against current Bolivian President, some ministers and police force regarding the extreme violence the walking TIPNIS’ group had to endure on September 25, 2011.

People who would have to defend from this accusation are: current president and vice-president; minister of the Presidency, Carlos Romero; Public Works, Walter Delgadillo; Justice, Nilda Copa; vice-minister of Justice, Nelson Cox, and the Director for Interior Regime, Minister of Government, Boris Villegas.

Former minister of Government Sacha Llorenti is also included, also the Police Commander, general Jorge Santiesteban, general Oscar Munoz and general Edwin Foronda Franco, and colonels Víctor Santos Maldonado and Edgar Tellez Tellez, and lieutenant colonel Moises Mendez Ruiz.

One of the accused, Nelso Cox referred to the “genocide” accusation as an outburst and will wait for the legal notification to respond to that accusation.

Attorney General, Mario Uribe, accepts the accusation and has 30 working days to conclude an investigation to determine one way or the other. If there are elements to continue with this accusation, Uribe has to report it to the Supreme Court and the Legislative Assembly must authorize the beginning of a trial. [despite the overwhelming power and influence of current political party in government, law must be served]


This photo was taken yesterday as the marching group left Yolosa, cold weather and continuous rain makes more difficult the walk. TIPNIS group is in need of larger tents and nylon coats to protect the group from the rain. Solidarity support continues to be needed, reports Tierra (Earth) Foundation.


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