TIPNIS group to arrive La Paz after Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pagina Siete newspaper reports that TIPNIS leaders have wisely decided to arrive to La Paz city after the day the so-called Judicial “elections” take place on Sunday, October 16, 2011. The indigenous group has decided to postpone their arrival to La Paz; they don’t want to give anyone excuses to blame this movement. Protest-walk group intend to head to La Paz on Monday, October 17, 2011.

We will show the president how law is respected, said CIDOB’s president, Adolfo Chavez. The group has been away from home for the last 52 days, when their march left Trinidad, Beni. Before they faced hot weather, verbal provocations, insults and police aggressions. Now, they are facing another enemy, cold weather and they are not prepared for it, as they move up towards the over 13K feet above the sea level, where La Paz city is.

The La Paz mayor, Luis Revilla asked to the people of La Paz, to not respond to the provocations of the march group that supports the government stubborn decision to cut the TIPNIS in half. A large group of government supporters is scheduled to arrive La Paz before this Friday the 14th.


La Razon newspaper reports: Dialogue is broken between current Bolivian government and the TIPNIS; the political party in power has forced the approval of the “short law” at the lower chamber of the Assembly. Indigenous assembly/congress people have left the meeting and many opposition reps as well. The government is sending the message that the road (portion II) through TIPNIS is stopped… for now and that a sort of referendum should take place; all of which is rejected by the indigenous groups who support TIPNIS’ rightful claim.


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