Bolivian October Judicial “elections”? … no stupid, just “votation”!

That seems to be what most Bolivians feel about the Judicial “elections” that will take place this October 16th. All candidates in the absurdly and awkwardly large paper that portrays those “candidates” were not selected by merit in an open procedure. They were “pre-selected” by current political party in government. Thus, the quotes on the word election, we Bolivians do not have the opportunity to elect, we were just transformed in a mechanism that will vote on those “candidates” that were pre screened for us, as if we could not make an educate election from those professionals who deserve to be in such higher places to have a truly operational and honest Judicial System.

This cartoon is from El Diario, October 9, 2011. It shows current Bolivian president giving a press conference to a number of surprised and flabbergasted individuals, he says: “…for the Judicial elections the farmer (campesino) leaders will help vote the elderly, adequately…and to those public servants we will give them an exceptional one thousand Bolivianos bonus,,,” The help vote means that some people will get inside the voting chamber and make sure the people cast their vote in “the proper” manner… The bonus to public servants has been criticized by most of the Bolivian society as it is inadequate (check on the absurd low execution of the public budget in all the areas) and can be seen as a “bribe” in this “electoral” time.

The Bolivian Judicial system has been questioned for a long, long time and that is why “on paper” this “historical Judicial election” was deemed important. This cartoon is also from El Diario, October 1, 2011. Which illustrates what in common Bolivian jargon we say “once the law is made, cheating is also possible” A group of profoundly happy people are talking to a judge: “… Your honor, we thank you for your ruling on our favor!.. we would like to give you as a gift a ‘brand new’ automobile!!” judge responds: “NO! impossible!! My credibility would be at stake, and my prestige, I don’t take gifts!!.. No, No” the other person says: “sorry doctor [in Bolivia lawyers and medical professionals are called doctors] then we will sell it to you for Bs10…!” and the judge says: “if that is the case, it’s better… so, sell me three!!”

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