TIPNIS group is in La Paz! read about their Resolution

Over 42 days of struggle took the TIPNIS protest-walk group to reach the department of La Paz.

Almost a week ago from the violent repression near Yucumo, over 500 indigenous people from TIPNIS re-started the protest-walk today October 1st early in the morning from Quiquibey, Beni; by nightfall they are resting in Villa Delicia, La Paz (as reported in Los Tiempos website, October 1st around 19:41 hours). From now on, the TIPNIS group intends to walk everyday until they reach La Paz city which is about 190 kilometers away.

A group of “inter-culturalists” that is in support of current government, intends to start another protest-walk on October 12th, rejecting TIPNIS’ position regarding the road construction.


El Deber reported last night in its website as well: On September 27th, the indigenous group approved a Resolution in San Borja, a portion of such Resolution follows: “We demand from the president of the State that he takes the historic decision to modify the road project, by passing a law that expressly establishes that the road will not go through the Indigenous Territory and the Isiboro Secure National Park.”

The indigenous people reject that “a referendum or any manipulated consultation” takes place, to define the road construction, since that would not comply with what the Political Constitution of the State mandates; the environmental regulations and more importantly, the Will of the indigenous people.

Along that framework, they also demand a thorough investigation to identify and prosecute the master minds and the executors of the extreme violence against the protest-walk group, on September 25th in Yucumo; because of that they do not want the Ministry of Transparency, Nardy Suxo, to lead the process.

This resolution also demands that the following ministers resign from office: Presidency, Carlos Romero; Public Works, Walter Delgadillo; Justice, Nilda Copa; Environment and Water, Mabel Monje; they also disregard any dialogue that is not authorized by the protest-walk group; and that the 16 points as submitted before by the Confederation of the Indigenous Peoples of the East (CIDOB), be accepted.

It is also rejected the police intervention against the protest-walk group, which was not isolated, since the deployed violence perpetrated by the police force wanted to protect the Yucumo settlers, which were against the indigenous people. Those who went against human rights must be sanctioned.

They also want that the mobilizations and hunger strikes continue, if the law they demand is not approved; and the indigenous’ rights are restored. They also ask the Bolivian population and in particular those of La Paz to back-up their march.


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