Who “invented” blockades in Bolivia?

This cartoon is from El Diario, 9/16/11. It shows current president and vice-president opening up the door, saying: “Gosh! blockades and more blockades…! I wonder who had the idea for blockades!!” By the door it reads “Government” and in front of the rocks “support for the TIPNIS”  (protest marching group against the road that intends to cut this national park and indigenous territory by half.”

Curren Bolivian president used to blockade for weeks the access to the Chapare alternative development products, other than coca leafs, and made impossible for local producers to honor their contracts abroad. When he was just a coca grower union leader, then a congressman, he used the blockade, and strikes to paralyze the whole country. Now, there is a little bit of “his own” medicine for himself and ruling political party…

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