Daily Archives: July 27, 2011

Weird Judicial elections in Bolivia, October 2011

Current government called for the first time in Bolivia to elections for the Judicial System… it sounds like a great idea; unfortunately it had a big hole in it. This government is pushing for the selection of pre-qualified candidates… in other words; the people will have to choose among those candidates approved by current government. Let us suppose a majority of the Bolivian citizens were to accept this “rare” process. However, none of those pre-selected candidates are allowed to speak about themselves; furthermore, if anyone wants to interview a particular candidate, for whatever reason… simply cannot.

New regulations establish that all or none should be interviewed. So, how can a normal citizen for an opinion to cast his/her vote? So, during this hectic and confusing time, government officials of all sorts do not hesitate to praise this election arrangement. On the other hand, a number of citizens and media included opinions are starting to talk about voting in blank or null. For the former, it would mean the person agrees in the whole process; for the latter it means people are not in agreement with the process. Government official question and fear the null vote, as it could represent an implicit questioning of this government’s performance and acceptance. Other people praise this null vote for mainly two reasons: rejection of this government’s doing in this process; and as measure of their future opposition leadership. As October approaches, we will experience more on this subject… unfortunately. And if so, who gives time and reasoning to boost production, increase employment and reduce inflation?