Daily Archives: July 23, 2011

Bolivian miners demand urgent meeting with president

The FSMTB (Union Federation for Bolivian mining Workers) met and decided to declare in emergency and want to meet with the Bolivian president ASAP. Miners from public, private and cooperative sector are extremely worried about all the violent take overs they have been experiencing.

According to one of their leaders, Cesar Lugo, they have declared emergency and will schedule marches in protest to all those violent actions which are at times disguised as indigenous claims and assemblies, just to take them out of their jobs.


Earlier posts count for at least two hundred violent take overs in the Bolivian mining sector, deaths included. Not only Bolivia scares away foreign capital investment but also confronts people against each other. Let us hope current president can provide a solution to all these workers and their families. Indigenous groups should learn to accept Bolivian laws and not take resources by force.