Daily Archives: July 21, 2011

Can we VOTE freely in Bolivia?

One of our primary rights is the freedom to choose, here and in Kurdistan. It is our right as human beings in this XXI century. Well, current government has called for elections in October 2001. The reason: elect members of our Judicial System. Problem: pre-selected candidates, inability to question them in an effort to have an opinion about their competences for the job.

In the last month or so, government officials were even threatening to three years of imprisonment for those of us who would vote null or incite the society to do so. Why would we vote null or void? simply because we can not select qualified candidates from the beginning. Because candidates can not speak directly or respond to us (via media). Because this is an attempt of current political party in government to have the total control/power of our institutionalism.

There were dozens of opinions criticizing how this government intends to manipulate our right to choose freely. So much has been said that now some politicians have decided to openly engage in a campaign to vote null.


Even actual vice-president says now that we, the people, can vote null, that he guarantees it… As if we needed his permission. This and the former article only aims at accommodating politically, and because both government and opposition like to be by the side of most of Bolivians. Both sides intend to profit from our right.


People can vote however their conscience dictates them, not anyone else. It is our right. We do not need nobodies permission, nor should we be punished by how we vote or not. People are getting tired for this kind of impositions over freedom of speech, we are free to choose.