Daily Archives: July 20, 2011

Hectic and haphazard work of the Bolivian Congress

This cartoon appeared in El Diario, on July 19, 2011. You can see the door of the Bolivian Congress (Assembly that gathers 36 nations, as defined by current government) which looks like a printing press. Title on top of the building reads “Factory for Improvised Laws”; a number of “laws” are going out in a disorderly fashion, while the people look in disbelief.

This cartoon reflects what common citizens react to a number of laws being issued without proper treatment or necessity. Some of them, when approved receive a lot of criticism and at the time of their implementation, they suffer delays. Some of those laws are approved without taking into consideration the observations made by the opposition. All of the above ends up in social unrest.

Politicians from the government side do not engage in dialog; opposition does not have better arguments to enforce and support laws that will strengthen Bolivian economics; businesses and the environment continue to suffer and it becomes harder to fight poverty. The breach with surrounding countries is broadening more and more.