Daily Archives: July 19, 2011

Snowfall continues to affect Potosi

Snowfall continues to cause problems to people inside the area. The military rescued three miners who were inside Samta Elena mine. Military unit is helping people in North and South Lipez Provinces; snowfall area is about 200 by 150 kilometers in width.

So far,  in South Lipez, around 6,000 people from 15 communities and about 35,000 llamas and other camelids were assisted. In North Lipez, about one thousand people and 6,000 lamas were helped.

The military unit used heavy machinery and other equipment to reach the affected people. Temperatures range between 15 to 22 degrees Celsius below zero. Luckily, snow stopped falling but remains in the area.


Bolivia’s highlands can be very cold, however snowfall is unusual and that is why we are not prepared for that. Not even households in the cities of Potosi, Oruro or La Paz have heating systems built-in. Bolivians use electric or liquid gas heaters to warm the houses.