Daily Archives: July 19, 2011

Inti shares for sale, positive news for Bolivia!!

Drogueria Inti is a pharmaceutical company who is placing shares in the market. Offers higher interest rates than current time deposit accounts in commercial banks. Interest offered is between 5-6.5% for 5-8 years. 42,420 bonds for a thousand Bolivianos each are now in the market. Current exchange rate is Bs6.9 to the American dollar.


I considered this great news for Bolivia, despite all our current problems; to have a legal private company growing is something to feel proud of. If you visited Bolivia, you must have tried Mentisan, which is the key product for Inti. In syrup or tablets, it helps against cold or coughs. It is also made as unguent/paste which is applied externally for sore throats, and rubbed in by the lungs. It is very effective.