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UN Vienna Convention regrets Bolivia!!

The International Narcotics Control Board (UN Vienna Convention) has released a very harsh document against last Bolivia’s government decision to pull out of the Vienna Convention. Current government unfortunate decision was an “attempt to justify the coca chewing”.

Follows excerpts from that document, which illustrates how badly Bolivia is perceived internationally and how badly we use and comply with international treaties. At the end is the link for the whole document, after that, some reactions in Bolivia.  

“The International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) regrets the decision by the Government of the Plurinational State of Bolivia to denounce the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, 1961, as amended by the 1972 Protocol. On 29 June 2011, in an unprecedented step, the Government of Bolivia denounced the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, 1961, as amended by the 1972 Protocol, to which the State of Bolivia had previously acceded. The Government also announced its intention to re-accede to this Convention but with a reservation regarding specific treaty provisions.”

“The Board is of the opinion that while this step by Bolivia may be in line with the letter of the Convention, such action is contrary to the Convention’s spirit. The international community should not accept any approach whereby Governments use the mechanism of denunciation and re-accession with reservation, in order to free themselves from the obligation to implement certain treaty provisions. Such approach would undermine the integrity of the global drug control system, undoing the good work of Governments over many years to achieve the aims and objectives of the drug control conventions, including the prevention of drug abuse which is devastating the lives of millions of people.”

Bolivia is viewed as someone who should not be considered as formal, responsible country, document continues…

“… The Board requests the Bolivian Government to consider very seriously all the implications of its actions in this regard, and invites it to do so in the context of the shared responsibility of all countries in dealing with the universal drug problem.”

The latter, in diplomatic terms is a very, very serious warning to a given country, our prestige could not go any deeper. Finally, the document states its competences:

“The Vienna-based Board is an independent body established under the international drug control treaties to monitor and support Governments’ compliance with those treaties. The Board has the responsibility to bring any threat to the international drug control system to the attention of States parties.”


Today, Congresswoman Norma Piérola (PPB-CN) is quoted on El Deber, she reports that the coca chewing was supposedly going to be eradicated in 1992, apparently there were 25 years for this to happen.  While congressmen from the political party in power stated that this is just an attempt to undermine this government.