Impeaching the vice-president?

The major workers’ union in Bolivia (COB) has expressed an interest to impeach (via referendum) the vice-president. Leonardo Villazante, COB leader stated yesterday that after an evaluation of the events (strikes, blockades) and the accord reached with the government, 41 organizations have requested the impeachment of the vice-president (an earlier post reflected that the final round of negotiations took place in the vice-president’s office and an analyst stated that there was a request from the COB that the vice-president didn’t take part on them). Those organizations are also requesting that the ministers of Health and Work should leave the government.

The Constitution stipulates that such referendum could only take place if over 15% of the Bolivian population demands it, those who are eligible and registered to vote. It also establishes that such request cannot take place before midterm, August 2012.

So, if the rules of the game are so clear, why do we waste time with such demands? Bolivia needs to focus on production rather than this type of useless requests. Bolivians need to comply with existing laws and look into the future. We spend too much energy and time on poses, egos, history while most of the countries are moving forward.

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